Youth and Young Adult Ministry (In-Person and In-Field Hybrid Delivery)

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry (YYAM) Concentration is designed for individuals who see themselves as engaging in lifelong ministry to youth and young adults. The graduate of the YYAM Concentration will be competent to serve in a variety of vocations such as youth pastor, university/college/academy chaplain, dormitory dean, local church youth leader, conference youth director, and guidance counselor.

In-field Hybrid Delivery System:

The MADSLE YYAM offers an In-Field format for those who are unable to study in residence. It is completed over three years by attending two weeks of intensives on campus each year. MADSLE common core courses can be completed through distance learning and a field practicum.

Required Courses for the Degree
Biblical Spirituality  DSLE 541 -Foundations of Biblical Spirituality


Biblical Studies



4 Credits
Theology THST  
Discipleship & Religious Education

DSLE 503 - Marriage, Family, & Interpersonal Relationships

DSLE 534 - Ministry to Youth and Young Adults

DSLE 607- Intergenerational Ministry

DSLE 610 - Teaching for Discipleship
10 Credits
Church History CHIS 674 - Development in SDA Theology 2 Credits
Practical & Applied Theology PATH 526 - Conflict Management 2 Credits
World Mission MSSN - World Missions Course 2 Credits

Concentration Courses

DSLE 564 - Advanced Youth & Young Adult Ministry Leadership

DSLE 608 - Youth & Young Adults in Contemporary Culture

DSLE 615 - Collaborative Ministry

DSLE 626 - Ministry to At-Risk Youth

DSLE 636 - Seminar in Youth Ministry

DSLE 656 - Counseling Youth & Young Adults

DSLE 660 - Field Practicum (take after 24 Credits)

PATH 632 - Contextualized Preaching for YYAM

17 credits
Degree Electives

DSLE 619 - Religious Experience in Adolescence

DSLE 651 - Foundations of Biblical Counseling

DSLE 678 - Spiritual Nurture of Children

PATH 553 - The Church & Social Issues

PATH 555 - Pastoral Counselling

PATH 574 - Perspectives in Church Marketing

PATH 616 - Spirituality in Ministry

PATH 623 - Innovative Evangelism

PATH 656 -  Evangelistic Small Groups

6 Credits
Advanced Standing Courses relevant to scholarship in religion (10 credits) and to scholarship in education or religious education (4 credits) is dependent upon prior undergraduate and graduate learning AND the particular MA (Discipleship in Lifespan Education) emphasis area chosen. The courses will be distributed appropriately  in the course plan. Advanced standing may be obtained for these credits based on a background of advanced theological or educational study or prior extensive undergraduate studies in religion, religious education, or education. 0-14 credits
Total   48 credits


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