Leave Time Benefits

Leave Time Temporary Changes

April 1, 2020

In an effort to support our currently furloughed employees, as well as employees who are sheltered in place in response to Michigan Executive Order 2020-21, the University administration has made the following decisions regarding the paid-leave/vacation time benefits. 

Carryover Cap

To allow each employee the opportunity to be able to carry over their full paid-leave/vacation time banks to next year without losing any of their leave time, at the respective leave year rolls this year (2020), end of June for hourly and end of August for salaried, the paid-leave/vacation time carryover cap will be increased.

Accrual Cap

Paid-leave/vacation time caps are also temporarily increased to accomodate increase carryover time.

Leave Payouts

Leave payouts will be capped at 320 hours for hourly and 30 days for salaried, based on the maximum accrual allowed in a normal year. 


Please note that the changes above are only applicable for the 2020 leave year roll and the 2020-2021 leave year. Carryover and accrual caps will return to normal at the start of the respective 2021-2022 leave year cycle.