Compliance Lieutenant, Office of Campus Safety

An award titled “years of service” could not be more aptly named for an employee like Marsha Beal, for she has truly spent 25 years of her career bei…

Professor of English, Department of English

“A blessing to our campus” is how student Shannon Huang describes Ivan Davis. His 25 years of service at Andrews University have seen him function as…

Editor, Andrews University Press

We are pleased to celebrate the 25 years of outstanding service rendered to Andrews University by Deborah Lynn Everhart, the longest-serving employee in the hist…

Senior Accountant, Office of Financial Records

Esther Lonto began working as an accountant at Andrew University in 1998. At 25 years she is the longest-serving member of the Office of Financial Records. With …

Director, University Apartments, Residence Life

For 25 years, Alfredo Ruiz has served at University Apartments. Alfredo meets the difficult task of managing aging facilities for our graduate students and famil…

Chair/Associate Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics

Lynelle Weldon has served as a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics since 1997 and as chair of the department since 2016. She is widely recognized for…

Supervising Science Instructor, Andrews Academy

In many ways, Steve Atkins has already provided a lifetime of service at Andrews Academy. But anyone who knows him knows that—30 years in—he has not …

Motor Pool Foreman, Office of Transportation

Dennis came to work in the Transportation department at Andrews University in September of 1992 as the assistant motor pool foreman and later assumed the positio…

Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management

Steve Nash is one of those individuals who has a long and storied history in and around Andrews University. He has lived in the Berrien Springs area for most of …

Assistant Vice President, Office of Student Financial Services

It is my pleasure to congratulate Elynda Bedney for 35 years of service to Andrews University. I have really come to enjoy working with her during the time I hav…

Professor of Psychology, School of Social & Behavioral Sciences

What can one say about Herb Helm, who is often referred to affectionately by his students and his colleagues within our school as “the Helm.” Since 1…

Executive Assistant to Seminary Dean, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary

Over the past 35 years, Dorothy Show has been an amazing, awesome administrative assistant, first for the Old Testament department of the Theological Seminary an…

Administrative Assistant, Farm and Vineyard, Financial Administration

It seems just like yesterday I had the privilege of writing the 35 years of service award tribute for Carlene. Now we are celebrating 40 years’ worth of se…

Professor of English, Department of English

“To Meredith Jones Gray,” shares Beverly Matiko, “Andrews University …[is] The Family Business. No one sees more, knows more, retains mo…

Professor of Biology, Department of Biology

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Tom Goodwin demonstrates an absolute commitment to integrating faith i…

Assistant Dean for Residential Community Standards, Residence Life

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At Andrews University, we have many employees who support the faith of…

Associate Professor of Old Testament, Department of Old Testament

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Oliver Glanz graduated with a Bachelor of Theology from Bogenhofen Sem…

Professor of Biology, Department of Biology

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Daniel Gonzalez-Socoloske is an accomplished scholar and vital member …

Professor of Music, Department of Music

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For over 30 years Carla Trynchuk has had a successful performance care…

Manager, Andrews University Bookstore

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Cynthia Swanson, better known as Cindy to everyone, is one of the most…

Administrative Assistant, Department of Graduate Psychology & Counseling

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Monica Cervantes began her work at Andrews just after Thanksgiving in …

International Education Manager

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Karen Ferris (known affectionately to all as Kerry) has…

Assistant Registrar for Publications & Communication

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Today, we celebrate Kevin Wiley, who exemplifies what it means to be a…

5 Years of Service

Front row: Charity Garcia, Hong Park, Alyssa Palmer, Kelsey Curnutt, Elsy Gallardo-Diaz, Naoko Jacobson
Second row: Hectmarie Cruz-Pena, Tony Yang, Rodney Palmer, Scott Ward, Michael Nixon, Christopher Perry, Michelle Bolin, Suzanne Mondak, Chelsea Lake
Not pictured: Anthony Bosman, Nestor Caceres, Kerry Ferris, Kari Gibbs Prouty, Barbara Harrison, Anne Kairu, Max Keller, Collene Kelly, Christopher Macomber, Shawna McNeily, Nestor Osman, Renette Portecop-Prentice, Ysabel Ramirez, Jason Strack, Sonia Wilches

10 Years of Service

Front row: Sharyn Nash Smoot, Dina Rodriguez, Michael Bryson, Grace Chi, Jerry Chi
Back row: Vanessa Corredera, Regina Mack, Charles Reid, Emmanuel Rudatsikira, Peter Lyons, Marianne Kordas
Not pictured: Bryce Bowen, Elliscent Chuah, Laura Malcolm, Kristine Walker-Fraser, Cristina Wilson, Kristen Witzel

15 Years of Service

Front row: Rozenia Marinho, Jennifer Janssen-Rogers, Suzanne White-Wein, Monique Sarcona, Darla Smothers-Morant
Back row: Carmelita Troy, Timothy Miller, Jeffrey Smith, Geoffry Weithers
Not pictured: T Lynn Caldwell, Carrie Chao, Licette Church, Ryan Clough, Silas Marques, Dalry Payne, Rachel Sauer, Alicia Symonds, Jamie Wright, Jina Yoon

20 Years of Service

L–R: Nevena Slavujevic, Dennis Hollingsead, Getahun Merga, Karen Reiner, Boon-Chai Ng
Not pictured: Ildiko Gyeresi, Lee Olson, Jillian Panigot, Harold Schmidt, Nancy Sheppler

25 Years of Service

L–R: Marsha Beal, Deborah Everhart, Ivan Davis, Lynelle Weldon, Alfredo Ruiz
Not pictured: Esther Lonto

30 Years of Service

L–R: Steve Nash, Dennis Gryzbowski, Steve Atkins

35 Years of Service

L–R: Herb Helm, Elynda Bedney 
Not pictured: Dorothy Show

40 Years of Service

L–R: Carlene Johnson, Meredith Jones Gray