Faculty will be evaluated each spring by their department Chair or Dean. A summary sheet of the evaluation with appropriate signatures is turned into Human Resources. If three-fourths of the current years goals are met, a pay increase may be given. Evaluation Process:


Procedure People Involved Forms Required
HR sends department chair or Dean an evaluation form in the spring of each year. HR assistant director. Evaluation form for faculty employees. * Forms are available online.
Department chair or Dean performs the evaluation with the employee and completes form. Department Chair or Dean and employee. Evalation form for faculty employees.
Department chair or Dean scores and completes the evaluation and sends it back to HR. Department Chair or Dean. Evaluation form for faculty employees.
HR registers scores in the salary budget schedule. HR assistant director. Evaluation form for faculty employees; salary budget schedule.
Review and revision of salary budget schedule by HR director, assistant director, and the controller. HR director, controller, and HR assistant director. Salary budget schedule (SBS).
Re-hire letters are sent to the individuals. HR assistant director. Re-hire letter.
Signed re-hire letters are received in HR. Employee and HR assistant director. Re-hire letter.
New salaries are entered in the employee's HR files and the Banner Payroll form. HR assistant director. Employee's HR file and Banner Payroll form.


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