Promotion/Evaluation: Hourly Employees

Evalutions for hourly employees are done after three months of employment, and then annually anually at the beginning of each calendar year. These evaluations are designed as a developmental tool that will serve to give the employee feedback on job performance and give the supervisor an opportunity to listen to any concerns the employee may have. These developmental meetings are intended to encourage growth for both supervisor and employee.

Pay increases will be given according to the overall score attained on the employee evaluation. Emplyees who are "capped" will receive one half of the rate indicated by their score to a time in which pay rates catch up with their level of compensation.

Evaluation Process:


Procedure People Involved Forms Required
HR sends department head or supervisor an evaluation form at the three month due date or at the anual evaluation time. HR employment office. Evaluation form for hourly employees.
Supervisor performs the evaluation with the employee and completes form. Supervisor and employee. Evaluation form for hourly employees.
Supervisor scores and completes the evaluation and sends it back to HR. Supervisor. Evaluation form for hourly employees.
HR registers scores in the employee's HR file and enters new rate in the computer. HR assistant director. Evaluation form for hourly employees; employee's HR file and Banner forms.