> Sick Leave - Disability - FMLA > Faculty Quoting from the Andrews University Employee Handbook 2:391 and 2:392,
Medical Leave (2:391)
Faculty and salaried personnel ordinarily remain on the payroll for up to six weeks within a given twelve month period for temporary absence from work due to their own illness, injury, hospitalization, pregnancy, etc. Arrangements for sick leave should be made with the department chair or supervisor. (For other leave conditions see policy #1:733.)

Before returning to work, the faculty or salaried staff member may be required to submit a statement from his/her physician stipulating any temporary restrictions or limitations which need to be placed on his/her work program.

If a deterioration in an employee's work performance indicates that the change may be due to a physical or mental condition, perhaps requiring sick leave, the department chair or supervisor in counsel with the university administration, may counsel the employee to take sick leave and, if it seems advisable, may require a physician's and/or psychologist's statement as appropriate to the employee's ability to continue work.
Disability Leave (2:392)
A faculty member who is deemed by a physician to be medically or psychologically unfit to return to full-time employment after an absence from work of six weeks shall be granted a temporary disability leave for up to a total of six months absence from work. A temporary disability leave can only be granted by the president after counsel with the appropriate administrators and the vice president for academic administration. Should a faculty member still be disabled after six months he/she shall only at the vote of the Andrews University Board of Trustees be allowed to remain on the payroll for a specified time.