> Vacation > Faculty From the Andrews University Working Policy 2:348,
Service Eligibility for Leave, Vacations, etc.

"Service" as defined in connection with eligibility for regular (professional) leave, for vacations, etc., ordinarily is a period during which the teacher engages in regular duties in the University. Professional leave and special (personal) leave with the purpose of engaging in professional activities, etc., that would enhance the University and is not primarily for personal advancement only, shall be included and recorded as "service." Advanced (pre-doctoral) study leave is not "service" making the teacher eligible for professional leave, but the period of amortization is included in the teacher's "service."

Special (personal) leave with the primary purpose of personal advancement, and conscripted national service, shall not eliminate or shorten the teacher's accumulated period of previous "service" but these periods themselves do not accrue toward a professional leave. (For Vacations and Holidays see also policy #2:394.)

Further from the Andrews University Working Policy 2:394,
Vacations and Holidays

Each teacher is eligible for an annual vacation on the following basis: two weeks vacation after one full year of service, three weeks annual vacation after seven full years of service, or four weeks annual vacation after fifteen full years of service. Travel time must be included in regular vacation time. Faculty members should notify their appropriate dean of their itinerary when traveling away from the campus.

With the object of obtaining the maximum good from annual vacations, it is the plan that vacations be taken each year rather than allowing an accumulation over several years. However, when requested by the worker and approved by the president, vacation time may be carried over from one year to the next (except for those with fifteen years of service). Not more than six weeks vacation may be taken in any one year.

The number of paid holidays granted in any one year will be limited to nine, and any leave taken beyond that shall be treated as a part of the annual vacations. During Christmas and other school holiday periods, when the teacher is not on regular vacation, he/she is expected to devote the time to preparing lectures, class materials, to writing, to research, or to professional improvement.

If a University holiday falls on a day on which a staff member eligible for holidays does not regularly report for work, he/she is entitled to the equivalent time off by arrangement with the supervisor or department head.