Degree Fast Track

Taking a few college courses as an enrichment experience while in high school can be fun - and a great start to college ahead.  Wise choices will ensure the courses also count towards a degree track.  This page advises on the fast track to a college degree.

Find out what college courses are accepted by your high school, if any. Begin your college experience with one or more classes that will meet high school requirements as well as earn college credit.

Choose courses that that would help meet the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). These will most likely be accepted as transfer credit to the university or college of your choice, and will positively contribute to degree admission.  Here are a few popular classes (see the MTA page for a full list):

  • College Writing I
  • Communication Skills
  • Civilization and Ideas I
  • Enjoyment of Music
  • Environmental Science
  • General Physics
  • Introduction to Architecture
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Biology 
See more recommendations by discipline
  • Elementary Statistics is required for degrees in business and nursing
  • Precalculus is required for physical therapy, architecture and other professional degrees
  • Calculus courses are foundational to degrees in science, math, engineering, or other technology (STEM) field
  • General Chemistry and Physics classes are foundational to math, engineering, and chemistry degrees
  • Anatomy and Physiology is a two-semester 8-credit journey for most pre-med and health science programs
  • Foundations of Biology is a 10-credit commitment across two semesters, worth doing if biology is your choice of major

Jesus in His Time and Ours is a great faith foundation if planning to attend any Adventist or other Christian college or university. God and Human Life and Fit for Life are more great choices for Andrews University undergraduate degrees.

Explore career options by taking one or two "introduction to" courses. These courses can often fulfill general education or elective requirements, and could save investing one or more years before changing direction.  Look for courses with the word 'introduction' on the list of Courses Approved for High School Registrations

These can improve your earning power, to better pay your way through college.

  • Microsoft Office Specialist - take two information systems courses as preparation for standardized exams
  • Welding - build skills towards further training and certification on the job, in a high demand field
  • Flight training - Andrews offers all the classes you need to earn your pilot's license 
  • Adobe Certified Expert - take web and graphics design courses to prepare for certification in specific adobe softwareA

After taking several classes, meet with an enrollment counselor or recruiter to consider degree options in the area you are currently interested. In less than an hour, you will gain much information that will help you make the most of your pre-college experience.

So how is this a degree fast track?
Completing 4 or 5 college courses during high school may save you one semester of college and increase your admission opportunities at many universities.  With Andrews University's great summer options and tours, and no major changes, you could complete a bachelor's degree in three years instead of four!