Andrews Scholarships

Merit-based and need-based financial aid is available to students admitted to Andrews University programs of study (not to guest or dual enrollment students).


Merit-based financial aid is available as scholarships that can come from sources outside of Andrews University or from the Andrews Partnership Scholarship (APS).  For students entering university for the first time as a full-time student, merit-based scholarships are primarily calculated based on high school G.P.A. and ACT or SAT scores.  Leadership and service records can increase awards too. Students who come to Andrews University as a full-time student with 25 or more college credits taken after their high school graduation date will enter Andrews University as a transfer student.  As a transfer student, they qualify for a lesser merit scholarship rate than students entering with less than 25 college transfer credits.


Need-based financial aid is based upon a combination of family and student income. To receive financial aid the family and student must fill out a form at AU Student Financial Services (SFS) and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. This should be completed by March 1 preceding the fall semester the student will begin college. 

The Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), the end product of the FAFSA process in Student Aid Report (SAR), is a reference number used for determining need-based financial aid and is not the actual amount of money a family/student will need to contribute toward college costs since the tuition costs vary so widely from one college/university to another.

Note: The Andrews University reference number for having your FAFSA sent automatically to AU is 002238.

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