Recommended High School Courses

Andrews University has found that students who have taken the following mix of courses at the secondary level are more likely to succeed academically in college.

Algebra I and II are foundational.  Geometry as a separate course or incorporated into the Algebra is highly recommended as well. Students who are considering careers in science or business will benefit from taking advanced math or pre-calculus prior to college. Andrews University will consider ACT or SAT math scores to determine what college math course students are ready for.  Low scores may mean a revision course is required prior to taking the math course to meet the math requirement for their degree.  Students with no ACT or SAT scores may take a math proficiency exam (MPE).

Biology and Chemistry or Physics are recommended. Two or three of these courses that go beyond introductory or survey courses such as General Science, Physical Science, or Earth Science will be extremely helpful. For students considering a science related career the sequence of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Advanced Biology is highly recommended.

An emphasis on writing is the best preparation for college work. In addition, the more general reading a student does the more they will benefit from an expanded vocabulary and knowledge for use in future writing

This is particularly the case if a student is planning to take a Bachelor of Arts degree since this degree requires taking a foreign language through the college intermediate level. While the Bachelor of Science degree does not require a foreign language a student will still benefit in many other ways by taking a usable foreign language during the high school years

This course should go well beyond keyboarding and word-processing. Work with spread sheets, data base management, presentations, creating web pages, and the use of web resources along with using combinations of these tools in various projects is highly recommended. These skills are essential for success in college and professional life today.

A cross-section of World and U.S. History, World and U.S. Geography, and State and U.S. Government is recommended. It is also important to note that in the U.S. most states require their state history and government to be included in the social studies curriculum.

In addition to these 15 units or credits, Andrews University highly supports a student taking a Christian Spiritual Growth (Religion/Bible) course each year of their secondary school experience. Music/Fine Arts, Physical Education, and Practical Arts are also important parts of a balanced secondary program.