Community Engagement Council

Universities reaching out to their local communities is nothing new. However, Andrews University's intentional engagement with our neighbors is explicitly based on Christian principles of human worth in the sight of God, and God's love and grace offered freely to all. The Community Engagement Council (CEC) of Andrews University proactively seeks and serves to encourage, coordinate, and facilitate Andrews University connections, relationships and engagement with our entire local community in broader and deeper ways. It is action-oriented but also deliberative and reflective.

The Community Engagement Council comes under the Office of the Provost and is comprised of both Andrews University and Berrien County community members, using an equal partnership approach including community and university co-chairs. The CEC is organized into the following subcommittees and responsibilities: Change Day; Civic and Government; Community-based Research; Diversity; Equity and Culture; Education; Entrepreneurship; Funding; Health and Wellness; Interfaith; Media and Restorative Justice.