Andrews University believes that quality education is a human right and partners with stakeholders to develop education outreach programs designed to support academic development in children, youth and their parents, to enable individuals to achieve their potential and build lasting pathways to success.

Andrews University provides tutoring, mentoring and other instructional programs that seek to elevate the educational outcomes of students and adults in Benton Harbor, Berrien Springs, South West Michigan and the world.  Through our volunteer programs and internships, we are learning to listen to our local and global communities, we are deepening our knowledge and stretching our faith. We are helping others to thrive.

Andrew university also operates a pre-kindergarten to high school program for local residents and a distance education program that has an international impact. We provide training to help instructors develop modern instructional techniques to improve teacher effectiveness and provide well trained certified teachers who provide meaningful instruction that fosters the development of engaged lifelong learners.  Our teaching learning and curriculum, social work, speech language pathology and other programs allow our students and faculty to collaborate with community stakeholders to develop sustainable programs that address community academic needs. 

Andrews University volunteers seek to support the Benton Harbor Area Schools (BHAS) in its efforts to develop reading comprehension, improve school culture and climate, and increase ELA test results for all participating students.

Andrews University hosts high school students in a Career Expo which is designed to expose public school students to career options.

A pilot program that offers students living in Benton Harbor a chance to earn a high school credit on a university campus and be coached by university students for eight weeks.

A program designed to build a sense of community among parents in the Benton Harbor Area Schools (BHAS) providing a safe environment for parents to connect with other parents who share the desire to see their children succeed.