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Remembering Dr. W. Richard Lesher

   Life Stories | Posted on October 19, 2017
William Richard Lesher was born on November 14, 1924, to Luther and Lavern Lesher of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. His sister Jean was five years younger than Richard, as his family always called him when he was young. The children... read more

Rare Martin Luther Printed Items on Display

   Center for Adventist Research | Posted on October 19, 2017
   Event Date: October 31, 2017 09:00 am
On October 31, in honor of the 500th anniversary of the date Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door of the church, the Center for Adventist Research will be exhibiting some of the original tracts and other items... read more

Tiffany Summerscales Part of Scientific Discovery

   Campus News | Posted on October 18, 2017
On Monday, Oct. 16, 2017, the LIGO and Virgo collaborations announced the first-ever detection of gravitational waves from the collision of a pair of neutron stars. Andrews University professor of physics Tiffany Summerscales, along with her students, represented... read more

Fuego Quartet to Perform at the Howard Center

   Campus News | Posted on October 18, 2017
On Sunday, Oct. 29, at 7 p.m. the Fuego Quartet will perform at the Howard Performing Arts Center on the campus of Andrews University. The program will consist of various classical and instrumental pieces, including “Italian Concerto, BWV.... read more

Citrus Fruit Fundraiser for Niles Adventist School

   Community Announcements | Posted on October 18, 2017
To order TX Red grapefruit, TX navels, a navel/grapefruit combination box, or CA mandarins, please contact Gina ( or 269-845-8870) or go to, Account #7018, by November 6. See read more

Stevensville Church Service, October 21

   Community Announcements | Posted on October 18, 2017
You are cordially invited to: Sabbath School at 9:20 a.m. Worship Service at 10:45 a.m. Speaker: Dave Gotshall,... read more

Village Church Services for October 21

   Local Churches | Posted on October 18, 2017
First service begins at 8:30 a.m., followed by Sabbath School programs for all ages. Second service will begin at 11:30 a.m. Both services will be presented by Pastor Ron Kelly... read more

Niles Philadelphia Church Service for October 21

   Local Churches | Posted on October 18, 2017
The Niles Philadelphia SDA Church invites you to join in fellowship this Sabbath, October 21, starting with Sabbath School at 9:30 and the Divine Worship Experience at 11:15. This week's speaker will be Carvil Richards. ... read more