The Office of University Communication manages internal and external communication for the University. When your office or department has an event announcement, news item, or story to share, we can assist by distributing the information to the campus community, local churches and news media as appropriate. Information can also be considered for publication in FOCUS magazine, in the Lake Union Herald or on social media.


Andrews Agenda

The Andrews Agenda is the primary source of campus information and is updated regularly. Each Thursday, an Andrews Agenda email is sent to students, faculty, staff and a list of off-campus subscribers and highlights the latest news and announcements. Sections include:

  • Online Events Calendar (for approved events sponsored by Andrews University entities)
  • Campus Announcements
  • Campus News (for official University news releases)
  • Community Announcements (which includes local church service listings)
  • Life Stories
  • Andrews in the News
  • Classifieds

If you have an Andrews University username and password, please visit, select “Add new Agenda item” and log in with your username and password to submit an event or posting to the Agenda.

If you do not have an Andrews University username and password but would like to submit an Agenda posting, please email details to

General inquiries can also be sent by email to

Campus-wide Emails

Broadcast emails are reserved for administrative purposes, campus-wide emergencies, campus-wide scheduling changes and death announcements of current Andrews University faculty, staff and students only. For more information, contact


Bulletin Announcements

University Communication is able to submit bulletin announcements to a number of local churches. Requests for bulletin announcement submission can be sent to


Andrews University values its relationship with the news media and has established procedures to maintain and strengthen those relationships. To assure message consistency to the media, University Communication requests that any media contacts be made through our office.

University Communication regularly shares Andrews University news and stories with media, including local media and church media. It is also the responsibility of University Communication to coordinate a response to media inquiries.

News Releases and Stories

In general, a news release is 300–500 words in length, while a story may vary in length. News releases and stories may be written by a University Communication staff member or a student writer. Pre-written news releases and stories may be submitted to, but please note that University Communication reserves the right to edit news releases and stories and determine whether they are appropriate for distribution to the media.

Responding to Media Inquiries

When members of the Andrews campus community are contacted directly by the media, they should contact University Communication before answering any questions from the media. Please remember to complete the following steps even if you feel you are the appropriate person for an interview:

  1. Write down the reporter’s name, media affiliation, phone number and email address.
  2. Politely but firmly ask the reporter to wait until you have contacted the University Communication team.
    1. Suggested phrasing: “We want to make sure the appropriate person speaks with you so you are provided with the most accurate information. The best person to arrange that for you is our media relations manager.”
  3. Contact the media relations manager at 269-471-3345 or
  4. Please note: if you are concerned with media behavior, contact University Communication. If you feel unsafe with media’s actions, contact Campus Safety at 269-471-3321.

Please remember there is no such thing as “off the record”—do not give any information out prior to working with the Office of University Communication.

For details about preparing for a media interview, please contact the Office of University Communication, media relations manager, 269-471-3345,



FOCUS, the Andrews University alumni magazine, is published on a quarterly basis. Andrews departmental news and news releases will be considered for inclusion in the Campus Update section. Online archives of FOCUS magazines can be found at All FOCUS submissions, including feature story ideas, should be emailed to

Lake Union Herald

Andrews University submits a 500-word news or feature story for each issue of the Lake Union Herald magazine. Since the Lake Union Herald's deadline is two months prior to publication, stories should be relatively "timeless.” Story ideas can be emailed to


University Communication is responsible for all official Andrews University social media accounts, which are intended to share information with the campus community and all others interested in the life of the University. Requests and ideas related to social media can be submitted to