\n Andrews University\, in partnership with Green Earth Elec tronics Recycling\, will hold its biannual electronics recycling event on Wednesday\, Sept. 20\, from 3&ndash\;7 p.m. Community members\, businesses and residents from the surrounding communities are encouraged to recycle their unwanted electronic items at the Transportation building on the camp us of Andrews University.


\n Accepted items include computers\, la ptops\, smart phones\, monitors\, TVs\, telephones\, cameras\, DVD players \, cords/cables\, printers\, toner cartridges\, cell phones\, refrigerator s\, air conditioners\, appliances and any other electronic items or items with a cord.


\n A hazardous waste fee will be collected for ALL mo nitors ($10) and ALL TVs ($20). All other items are recycled free of charg e.


\n All hard drives are wiped according to Department of Defense specifications or shredded. Businesses are encouraged to pre-register by emailing or calling 269-326-1232.


\n Green Earth Electronics Recycling is headquartered in St. Joseph\, Michigan\, and is focused on keeping unwant ed electronics out of landfills by using the best practices in information destruction and recycling. They are a registered recycler with the Michig an Department of Environmental Quality and services include corporate and institutional pickups and community drop-off events. For more information about Green Earth visit GreenEarth1.c om or email pickup@GreenEarth1 .com.


\n Any Andrews University departments wishing to partici pate are asked to please contact Anton Pellegrini ( no later than Sept. 19 to have items pi cked up prior to the event.

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\n Join us every Friday evening in PMC for a vespers designe d to get you in Proximity with God.


\n James 4:8 assures us that i f we draw near to God\, He will draw near to us. Our PROXIMITY to God dete rmines our ability to know Him! As a result of this PROXIMITY:


\n CLARITY is received
\n CLOSENESS is perceived
\n CLEANLINESS is achieved
\n This process transforms us\, leading to improved PROXIMIT Y with God and fellow believers.


\n The PROXIMITY vision is the Go spel of Jesus Christ! \; We love God because He first loved us! (1 Joh n 4:19) The PROXIMITY vision seeks to exhibit how far the Father is willin g to go in order to improve His PROXIMITY to humanity. Campus Ministries b elieves that displaying this story\, will not only improve our campus&rsqu o\; PROXIMITY to the Father\, but also improve our PROXIMITY to each other . (John 17:23)

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\n Join Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews Uni versity for its 9 a.m. service where Dwight K. Nelson will present his mes sage\, "\;Ground Zero and the New Reformation: How to Be Baptized with the Holy Spirit"\;--3

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\n Join PMC for a wide variety of Bible study options for al l ages.

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\n Join Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews Uni versity for the 11:45 a.m. service where \;Dwight K. Nelson will prese nt his message\, "\;Ground Zero and the New Reformation: How to Be Bap tized with the Holy Spirit"\;--3

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\n Join us for an exciting live world premiere event on Sunday\, September 24\, 2017 at 5 p.m. EST. The Making of Dan iel takes you behind the scenes at the 2014 Forever Faithful International Camporee for an exclusive look at the making of the live five-night bible story. Be the first to see this inspiring film. The screening will take p lace on the Andrews University campus in Newbold Auditorium\, Buller Hall. There will be free refreshments and 2019 Camporee ticket drawing. Admissi on is free\, but space is limited.

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\n Many of you may remember\, Sam Ocampo&rsquo\;s music is n ot about musical notes. It is about an experience. An experience of praise \, gratitude and love. Sam will be returning to SW Michigan after a 20-yea r absence. This concert will mark Sam&lsquo\;s 40th anniversary as a recor ding musician. On September 24\, this soul-filled music journey of praise will include Ocampo classics\, hymns and new\, contemporary Christian song s. Guest artists will include Nino Ocampo\, singer Scott Reed (one of the most beautiful voices in Christian music)\, a live band\, and many others. This will be a rare\, unique performance.

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\n Designed for online faculty and any on-campus faculty who would prefer this format\, this book club provides support for online and blended teaching practices\; discussing ways to fos ter active learning\, increase engagement\, and bridge the distance inhere nt in the online format.


\n The book for 2017&ndash\;2018 is &ldquo\;The Golden Climate in Distance Le arning: The Secrets of Immediate Connection\, Engagement\, Enjoyment\, and Performance.&rdquo\; \;The first 25 faculty and adjunct facult y who register and commit to attending all three sessions will receive a c omplimentary copy of the book (if you are not on campus\, register soon to allow time for mailing a copy of the book).

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\n Join us for a weekend full of fun reminiscing the old and exploring the new. We look forward to seeing you\; for a full schedule of events and information about meals and lodging\, please visit

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\n Support the Alumni Scholarship Fund while enjoying a morn ing of golf&mdash\;Four Man/Woman Scramble. Course requirements are collar ed shirts\, soft spikes and no denim pants or shorts. \;Price includes 18 holes of scramble golf with cart\, lunch and prizes. Registration star ts at 7:30 a.m. with an 8:30 a.m. shotgun start. RSVP is required. \;E ntry fee: $105 regular\, $50 AU students. For more information\, please vi sit

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