the One project

   Mon, February 11, 2013 @ 09:00 am - Tue, February 12 @ - 09:00 pm
    Westin Lombard,Chicago, Illnois

It was to that end of making Jesus known that we now seven strong vowed to meet once a year for two days to focus on Jesus. All. Our first gathering was 9 months later in Atlanta with 172 followers of Jesus who gathered for honest conversation. We met in Finland 6 months later with 82 Jesus followers and than this year in Seattle 700 turned up for two days. 

We are not a conference, symposium, summit or convention. We don’t have any titles or introductions of speakers. We don’t have answers or how to do lists. We are simply a gathering. So often we, and by that I mean you and I may feel like we are Elijah the only one on the front line for the kingdom of God. Holding firm with our beautiful Church and preaching the revelation Jesus. But the promise from God is that we are not alone. Just like Elijah there are countless others who are faithful. 

The gatherings serve to bring us together and encourage each other. To re-build networks and refresh in the deepest theology one would ever know - that Jesus loves me this I know. 

Sponsors: Office of Campus Ministries
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