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\n We are excited to announce the Fall 2016 SciFE ST IV theme: \;Space. \;Come explor e the six STEM departments at Andrews University\, and find out what \ ;Space \;means in Agriculture\, Biology\, Chemistry \, Computer Science\, Engineering\, Mathematics\, and Physics. \;


\n For more information\, and to register\, visit

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\n From the Office of Campus Ministries:


\n "\;The New Life Fellowship is a vibrant\, wors hip culture that seeks to facilitate the discovery of a New Life! What doe s this new life look like? Great question. In John 10:10\, Jesus promises all of us an opportunity to receive New Life! And we believe this new life will manifest itself in four distinct ways: God will introduce you to a n ew Love\, a new Integrity\, a new Faith\, and a new Experience. The New Li fe Fellowship invites the Andrews community to participate in chasing afte r a tangible\, life-altering encounter with God that literally ushers in a brand New Life!"\;

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\n One Place e xists to provide a space for freedom through worship\, expression in creat ivity\, and safety in community. We invite you to come experience Jesus wi th an open mind through this community of believers.

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\n Join us at the Howard Performing Arts Center for Hope Tre nding.

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\n Sabbath afternoon service project

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\n Andrews University professor and student will kick-off ou r week of wellness by running from Andrews University campus all the way t o Chicago's Magnificent Mile. There will be a short ceremony explaining th e process and the purpose of this run. Refreshments will be served. While there will be a small support team accompanying them throughout the run\, they are open for anyone to join them from the starting point and run with them any distance desired. Come and show your support for these two amazi ng individuals!

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\n Hope Trending:
\n A Crash Course on How to Live Without Fear


\n October 14-22


\n The Information Age has forever rewritten the way we think and the l anguage in which we communicate. Hope Trending: A Crash Course on How to L ive Without Fear will take you on a journey leading you to a life filled w ith purpose\, meaning\, and hope. Join a Watch Party and participate from the comfort of your own home\, live\, from wherever you are in the world. Visit \;for details.

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\n FRUITION LAB is a life changing experience that will expa nd your mind\, build your network and guide you through a personal journey to help you reach your ultimate potential.


\n This one-day gather ing\, sponsored by the Office of the Provost at Andrews University and foc used on the intersection of faith and entrepreneurship\, will take place O ctober 23\, 2016 in Berrien Springs\, Michigan. Register @  \;

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