\n Looking for a Bible Study but can't fit it into your busy schedule? Room 17:11 was created to help! We invite you to take 35 minute s\, once a week to jump start your devotional life with an interactive\, s mall-group Bible study. Join us at 5:11 p.m. any day (Monday&ndash\;Thursd ay) in the Campus Ministries office!


\n *Co-Curricular Credit*

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\n Learn how to use EndNote\, the software that makes citing and documenting sources easier. James White Library Instruction Lab\, Feb . 22\, 3:30-4:30 pm\; Feb. 23\, 12:00-1:00 pm\; and Feb. 23\, 7:00-8:00 pm . Register at . For more information\, call 471-6062.

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\n The Light Bearers is a campus-based movement that seeks t o motivate and encourage Christians in their walk with Christ and serve ou r fellow communities around the world. These Bible studies take plac e every Thursday from 7&ndash\;8 p.m. in the Campus Ministries offi ce. They are centered around growth and maturity when it comes to walking with God. Service opportunities are announced as soon as some are availabl e. The Light Bearers is open to anyone.

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\n Vespers

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\n Join Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews Uni versity for its special 9:00 am service where Pastor Dwight K. Nelson will present the sermon\, "\;STORM: Finding Jesus in the Gathering Dark&qu ot\; - 6.

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\n One Place exists to provide a space for freedom through worship\, expression in creativity\, and safety in community. We invite you to come experience Jesus with an open mind through this community of believers.

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\n Join PMC for a wide variety of Bible study options for al l ages.

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\n om the Office of Campus Ministries:


\n "\;The New Life Fellowship is a vibrant\, worship culture that seeks to facilitate the discovery of a N ew Life! What does this new life look like? Great question. In John 10:10\ , Jesus promises all of us an opportunity to receive New Life! And we beli eve this new life will manifest itself in four distinct ways: God will int roduce you to a new Love\, a new Integrity\, a new Faith\, and a new Exper ience. The New Life Fellowship invites the Andrews community to participat e in chasing after a tangible\, life-altering encounter with God that lite rally ushers in a brand New Life!"\;

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