Revive Vespers

   Fri, November 8, 2013 @ 07:30 pm - 08:45 pm
    Biology Amphitheater, Science Complex, Andrews University

Join us for another Friday Vespers of worship, fellowship and a beginning of a two-part series by Dr. John Baldwin entitled "Wreckage of a Drowned Planet: New Evidence for the Biblical Flood"! 

Dr. Baldwin, a former professor at the  Seminary will be speaking about the newest geological discoveries concerning the Noah's Flood. In his first presentation on Nov 8, he will present the major evidence of the Flood all around the world. His second presentation on Nov 15 will focus on the brand new discoveries Dr. Baldwin has encountered during his recent geological excavations in Arizona!

You dont want to miss these events! 

November 8, @ 7:30 pm at the Seminary Building, Room N 150

November 15 @ 7:30  pm at the Biology Amphitheater, Science Complex.

Co-Curricular Credit Available

Sponsors: Dr. P. Gerard Damsteegt
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