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\n University Convocation is a long standing tradition at Andrews University where we begin the new school year as an entire campus family to ask for God&rsquo\;s blessing. We formally and corporately entrust to him our live s\, plans and studies. It&rsquo\;s a beautiful tradition where the pomp an d circumstance of higher education is on display--with the faculty in acad emic regalia--and the only time in the school year where the entire admini stration\, faculty\, staff and students gather together to celebrate the r ichness of higher education.


\n President Luxton will formally address the campus for the first time at t he annual University Convocation\, which officially opens the 2016&ndash\; 2017 academic year. Academic deans and faculty will participate in full ac ademic regalia. Please note that both 10 and 10:30 a.m. classes ar e cancelled for this event. Immediately following the service\, r efreshments will be served on the Campus Green with live music provided by Cardinal Number and Scott Moncrieff\, professor of English.

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\n Connect Andrews presents an evening of live music\, gift giveaways and community! Enjoy light refreshments as you kick off the year connecting with fellow graduate students at Andrews University!

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\n Join Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews Uni versity for its 9 a.m. service where Pastor Dwight K. Nelson will present the sermon "\;#RxF4Now&mdash\;Believe!"\;.

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\n Please Join us as we welcome our new students.

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\n One Place exists to provide a space for freedom through w orship\, expression in creativity\, and safety in community. We invite you to come experience Jesus with an open mind through this community of beli evers.

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\n Looking for a place to me et with fellow students to explore the Scripture? Compass Sabbath School i s a unique opportunity to study the Bible on Sabbath mornings together wit h fellow students from all over campus. Join the singing\, meeting with fr iends and exploring the Scriptures. During the school year we meet every S abbath from 10:30&ndash\;11:30 a.m. in the Department of Religion &\; B iblical Languages in Buller Hall. Erhard Gallos and Glenn Russell are the coordinators of this Sabbath School. \;


\n Contact Erhard Gallos for more information at \; \;or by calling \;269-471-3186.

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\n Join PMC for a wide variety of Bible study options for al l ages.

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\n The Campus Ministries team invites you to begin your Sabbath morn ing with a thought-provoking time in God&rsquo\;s Word.

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