The Sacred Theater of Knowing Meeting

   Sat, February 22, 2014 @ 03:30 pm - 11:59 pm
    Chan Shun Hall

"The Sacred Theater of Knowing:

The Epistemologies of Hamlet on Film.”


Presented by


Dr. L Monique Pittman

Director of Honors

Professor of English

Andrews University


Sabbath Afternoon at 3:30 p.m.

February 22, 2014


Chan Shun Hall

Andrews University



Dr. Pittman has provided the following autobiographical information :

A former student of the Andrews University English Department, I began teaching here in 1999. I returned because the English Department had provided me with a stimulating and nurturing place in which to develop a mature intellectual and spiritual life. I also loved and admired the comradery characteristic of the faculty relationships with each other and with their students.

After completing my B.A. in English with a minor in music at Andrews (1991), I earned an M.A. from The College of William and Mary (1993), and finished a Ph.D. in Renaissance literature at Purdue University (2000).  The literature and history of the English Renaissance has fascinated me since I was a child (I even had a postcard-sized portrait of Elizabeth I in my high school locker); as a scholar and teacher, I find the Renaissance's nuanced and complex treatment of the human condition endlessly satisfying.

My husband Paul analyzes numbers instead of literature as a CPA at a public accounting firm. We enjoy entertaining, cooking, baking, kitchen gardening, and working home improvement magic.


Regarding the topic of her Forum presentation, she says,

I’m considering the epistemological crisis of the sixteenth century as manifested in the play and in two twentieth-century film versions.