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   Publications and Presentations | Posted on September 11, 2015

L.S. Baker Jr., editorial and marketing coordinator for Andrews University Press, published "Land of Rameses" earlier this year. It was released near the end of the 2014-2015 school year. 

"Land of Rameses" is an epic historical-biblical mystery novel in which Pharaoh, while navigating the political intrigue of his inner circle of advisers in order to expand his empire, must first decode his father's cryptic dying words, "Keep watch for Ramoses!"

It is the Exodus story you know and love, told as you've never read and faithful to the Bible, Egyptian archaeology and Ellen White in a way you'll never forget. "Land of Rameses" reveals the secret to ultimate triumph following abject failure. It is the story of the struggle we all have to endure in order to either suppress or succumb to the pressure of outside forces on our lives.

Here is what some who have finished it are saying about it...

"I just finished reading this Amazing Book! It is basically the Exodus story but told like NEVER before. It was entertaining, very educational, and moved me to tears at times. It has strengthened me spiritually. If you don't have it already you need to order it TODAY!!!" - Christopher Jenkins, theology student, Andrews University

"Extraordinary! Baker weaves documented historical events, individuals and places into an intricate tapestry. The story is gripping and presents a stunning perspective on life in ancient Egypt as it collides with the God of the Hebrews. A riveting read and suitable for the classroom! Awesome!" Constance Gane, PhD, associate professor of archaeology, S.H. Horn Archaeology Museum Curator, Andrews University

Available in three formats: Dust Jacket Hardcover, Perfect Bound Softcover, or ebook.

Available for purchase anywhere books are sold (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ABC, Westbow Press, etc.)

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