NIMBA Donates Signage to Andrews Trails

   Campus News | Posted on October 21, 2015

The Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Association (NIMBA), a chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association, recently announced their donation of 35 signposts to the Andrews University Bike Trails.

Bruce Jones, long-time community member and avid bike rider is one of several who maintain the trails. Both Jones and Pierre Crevier have been riding the trails for over 20 years—since their days as young boys. The trails feature a 10-mile single-track mountain bike route and a two-mile loop ideal for runners. Jones credits the University for its support of the trails.

“Five or six years ago I sat in on meetings with the arboretum committee and the university later provided us with a parking lot for our vehicles and kiosks which pictured the trails on them, but there were no signs on the actual trails,” he says. “These new signs bring a level of legitimacy to our trails.”

John Marquardt, president of NIMBA, expressed his appreciation for the community members who voluntarily maintain the trails.

“The group of volunteers have done a really great job maintaining the trails over the last few years and they’ve even expanded it. One of the challenges people have on these trails is following the trail,” he says. “We think the sign posts will really help make it easier for newer riders to follow the trail without a guide.”

“It’s a great trail and it’s our job to expand and improve trails and places to ride in northern Indiana and southwest Michigan,” says Matt Flournoy, vice president of NIMBA.

Jones reflected on the increase in popularity of the trails over the years. “It is quite impressive. People from Chicago and various parts of the area are driving out to visit and ride these trails. I can’t believe how much they’ve grown,” he says. “It really speaks to the power of social media and word of mouth. I remember never seeing more than five cars in our parking lot, there were 28 cars here last week.”

Crevier agrees. “It has become a destination trail. It’s very well received by the riders who come out. People have driven quite some distance to visit the trails,” he says. “What makes these trails unique is the use of the terrain. It provides an excellent aerobic workout for riders.”

One of Andrews’ best-kept secrets, these trails can be accessed from either the Pathfinder Building lot or the parking lot along Campbell Drive, the road leading to Timber Ridge Manor. The trails are open to the public, Sunday through Friday, but are closed on Saturday and from dusk until dawn.

A PDF trail map is available for download here. For more information, visit the Andrews Trails Facebook page or contact Student Life at 269-471-3215.

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