Professor's Book Wins IVP Readers' Choice Award

   Publications and Presentations | Posted on December 15, 2016

John C. Peckham's book, The Love of God: A Canonical Model (IVP Academic, 2015) has been voted a 2015 IVP Reader's Choice Award Winner (

In The Love of God, John Peckham, Associate Professor of Theology and Christian Philosophy, offers a comprehensive canonical interpretation of divine love in dialogue with, and at times in contrast to, both classical and process theism. God's love, he argues, is freely willed, evaluative, emotional and reciprocal, given before but not without conditions. According to Peckham's reading of Scripture, the God who loves the world is both perfect and passible, both self-sufficient and desirous of reciprocal relationships with each person, so that "whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life." For more on the book, see

As a Readers' Choice Award winner, The Love of God is available at a 30% discount through January 31, 2016 at

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