Homemade Gourmet Cupcakes!

   Classifieds: For Sale - Miscellaneous | Posted on May 8, 2017

Hi all!! 

As it's nearing the end of the semester, some of you may have Grad parties/ open houses/ recital receptions, etc! Mother's day is around the corner AND I'm sure you guys have got birthdays and friends who have birthdays at least ONCE a year! lol. I've got a talent, and small business, for making delicious cupcakes. 

I'm also a student so I understand and appreciate a tight pocket. If you're interested in goods- at a good price- for ANY event, please consider reaching out! I'm able to make vegan cupcakes and account for anyone who is gluten and or dairy intolerant! Mini sizes also available! 

Here are some photos of just a few flavors I've done!

Thank you! 

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   Lianne Wynne