Classifieds: For Rent - Apartments | Posted on May 15, 2017

Can anyone help us find a place to rent for the summer? We need help ASAP.

Here is a list of things we are looking for:

  • Allowance to have a service animal (small male Chihuahua, does not bark unless sensing intruders)***
  • A place that will allow an undergrad couple to live together (same room, if possible, to lower rent)***
  • Less than or equal to $400 ($450 is pushing it)
  • Rent that includes utilities and possibly wifi
  • Kitchen would be nice, as we cook our own meals
  • Laundry included would be preferred, but fine if it is not
  • A room in a house or an apartment is fine

Please help us! We may be a couple, but WE DO NOT TOLERATE "FUNNY BUSINESS" IN OUR RELATIONSHIP. We are both very mature and will be busy working or studying majority of the time.

One of us is staying for the whole summer, another is leaving early June (after May Express is finished), so if the rent would be lowered once the other person leaves because it is only one person left, that would be awesome.


Thank you so much! Please contact me for further inquiries and if anyone has any suggestions.

***Pictures of us and the service dog are attached.***

   Danielle Gonsalves