Fuego Quartet

   Howard Performing Arts Center
   Sun, October 29, 2017 @ 07:00 pm - 08:30 pm
    Howard Performing Arts Center

Founded in 2015, Fuego Quartet is an award-winning chamber group devoted to the performance of both standard and contemporary works written for the saxophone. Most recently, they were the awarded the Gold Medal of the 2017 Fischoff Chamber Music Competition, 1st place in Brass, Winds and Percussion at the Plowman Chamber Music Competition and 2nd Place in the 2017 National MTNA Chamber Music Competition. Fuego has been featured in a variety of settings from standard concert hall venues to community outreach concerts.  



Tango Virtuoso (4’)                                                                                      Thierry Escaich                                

“Italian” Concerto, BWV. 971 (14’)                                                                        J.S. Bach
            I. Allegro                                                                                              
            II. Andante                                                                               arr. Dannel Espinoza
            III. Presto                                             

Fantasy Etudes (12’)                                                                                   William Albright
            II. Pypes                                                                                                
            IV. Phantom Gallop 
            VI. They only come out at night     

Nuages (2.5’)                                                                                               Eugène Bozza                                                                                                 

Drastic Measures (10’)                                                                                   Russell Peck
            I. Poco adagio, molto espressivo     
            II. Allegro 

Michelangelo 70 (2.5’)                                                                                 Astor Piazzolla

Sechs Bagatellen (8’)                                                                                     György Ligeti                       
           I. Allegro con spirito                                                                        arr. Fabio Oehrli
           II. Rubato. Lamentoso             
           III. Allegro grazioso 
           IV. Presto Ruvido

Recitation Book (18’)                                                                                  David Maslanka

            I. Broken Heart – Meditation on the chorale melody Der du bist drei in einigkeit 
               (You who are three in one)
            II. Prelude/Chorale: Meditation on chorale melody Jesu meine Freude (Jesus my joy)
            V. Fanfare/Variations on the chorale melody Durch Adam’s Fall (Through Adam’s fall)

Wedding Dance (3.5’)                                                                                   Jacques Press                                                                                                  

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   Howard Performing Arts Center