Choral Concert: For the Sake of the Children

   Howard Performing Arts Center
   Sat, April 14, 2018 @ 08:00 pm - 09:45 pm
    Howard Performing Arts Center

“For the Sake of the Children” is the theme of the annual Choral Invitational Concert produced and directed by Stephen Zork.

The concert will be performed by Andrews University Chorale and Andrews University Singers, and will feature multiple selections from the international children’s choir Girls of Mercy under the direction of Sinegug Katenga. The experiences of pain and suffering endured by children – caught in the crosshairs of political agitation, the grip of depression, self-destruction, school violence, and the cruelty of war, will be presented through spoken and choral narratives by the University Singers and the Chorale. In contrast, The Girls of Mercy will respond with altruistic songs of innocence and hope from the rich musical heritage of the country of Malawi. Choral selections will include “Jenny” by Nick Myers, “The Lamb” by Kenneth Mahy, “Requiem for the Innocent” by D. Geoffrey Bell, “I Dreamed of Rain” by Jan Garrett, “Skies of the Clear Blue Morning” arr. by Craig Hella Johnson, “The Old Church” by Stephen Paulus, “Prayer of St. Patrick” by Ross Bernhardt, “Good Night, Dear Heart” by Dan Forrest, and “In Remembrance” and “For the Sake of the Children” by Jeffery Ames.

The concert will also feature cellist Karin Thompson, Elsy Gallardo Diaz on French horn, and Jesse Gray on the viola. The program promises to be both cathartic and uplifting.

 – A freewill offering will be received

   Howard Performing Arts Center