Short-term & Long-term Rooms

   Classifieds: For Rent - Apartments | Posted on October 12, 2018
The holidays are fast approaching. Anticipating guests but short of space? Or maybe you are needing short-term or long-term no lease housing? Rooms are conveniently just steps from Andrews University--ideal for students, seniors or visitors. Direct access to SDA Seminary, Howard Performing Arts Center or Pioneer Memorial Church. Close to Apple Valley Natural Foods Market and shopping plaza. Ample parking. Details needed include move-in as well as move-out dates, number of people & their gender(s) and number of required rooms. Provide email address for photos. ALSO AVAILABLE: 2 BR/1 BTH and 3 BR/2 BTH. Emails/texts preferred: 1 (707) 969-REST or 1 (707) 969-7378 ;

   Sweet Simple Rest
   1 (707) 969-7378