New Health & Wellness Center Construction Site

   Campus News | Posted on September 28, 2017

Visible progress in preparation for the planned Health & Wellness Center is apparent as we travel around campus these days. Here is an overview of some recent happenings.

Construction began on September 7, 2017, with the demolition of Hazen’s Concrete Wall sculpture, which was located in the PMC traffic circle (formerly referred to as Hammill’s Halo). At the same time, trees that were to be removed were marked. Most of the logs from the trees are being used as timber for an addition to the architecture building. The remaining trees will be ground into woodchips to be used on the nature trails behind the new Wellness Center location. Some large trees are being saved as a buffer between Pioneer Memorial Church and the Wellness Center.

The new parking lot will be completed yet this fall. After completion of the new parking lot, underground utility work will begin. Portions of the big circle will be closed off at times for this work. A service drive is being added between College Avenue and University Blvd that will direct construction traffic to the construction site and keep it from driving on campus roads.

After next spring’s groundbreaking, when construction of the center begins, a web camera will be installed to provide everyone with a live look as the center takes shape.

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   David Faehner