"Jackie" Wins at Kingdomwood Intl Film Festival

   Campus News | Posted on October 12, 2017

“Jackie: The Transformation Project” recently received a third-place award at the Kingdomwood International Film Festival, held October 6–8 in Atlanta, Georgia. The “Jackie” film, produced by Dominique Gummelt and directed by Pablo Fernandez, studio manager for the Andrews University Department of Visual Art, Communication & Design, entered the festival as an official filmmaker nominee in the short documentary category.

The Kingdomwood International Film Festival provides a forum for independent filmmakers to screen films that promote and inspire Christian teaching and values. This year’s festival featured over 100 films, educational workshops from film industry leaders, and celebrity panels. 

Gummelt, director for University Health & Wellness at Andrews University, notes, “This film festival is one of the leaders within the faith-based filmmaking industry and has gained increasingly more support and attention.”

Gummelt and Jackie Barrios, whose story is documented in the film, attended the Film Festival. Gummelt says, “This win is truly a confirmation of the transformative power of wellness and the need for inspiring the world through story and film to help everyone to live life to the fullest. The reception of this film has been absolutely overwhelming and positive. More importantly, the film is inspiring people to consider making positive lifestyle changes to experience transformation on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.”

In May 2017, the film received an award of merit at the Christian Life International Film Festival in Canada. Gummelt also recently accepted an award of merit, on behalf of the Andrews University film team, at the Awareness Festival in Los Angeles.

“It is a tremendous honor for Andrews University to be recognized in the world of filmmaking,” says Gummelt. “Andrews has established itself as a real competitor in health, wellness and filmmaking. I am incredibly thankful to Pablo Fernandez, Ruben Maciel, Integrated Marketing & Communication and of course Jackie for helping to create a beautiful transformation story that has been transforming all of us and inspiring the world to do the same to live healthier and happier lives.”

Barrios emphasizes the source of her motivation, saying, “The decision to make the first step toward a health change was not a desire driven by hate toward myself but by love—love for my friends, love for my family, love for myself but, most importantly, love for God.” She adds, “I want to thank my sister Maria Barrios who stood by my side the whole time and my friends, especially Merari Gonzales and Hwieun Lee, who always reminded me of the reason why I wanted this change.”

The official release for the “Jackie” film is expected to be in early 2018. The film trailer and additional information are available at thejackiefilm.com.

To learn more about Andrews University’s mission to be “Fully Alive,” visit andrews.edu/wellnessfacebook.com/aulivewholly or email wellness@andrews.edu.