Andrews Launches New Podcast: Andrews Speaks

   Research & Creative Scholarship | Posted on October 19, 2017

Andrews Speaks 001: Michael Nixon


Welcome to Andrews Speaks, the brand new podcast of Andrews University. We’re excited to present Episode 1, a conversation with Michael Nixon, Esquire. Michael is the University’s new Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion. This conversation took place in late August 2017.


In Andrews Speaks we will explore stories brought to you by students, faculty, staff and campus guests. The topics will be in three broad categories consistent with the University’s motto to “Seek Knowledge. Affirm Faith. Change the World.” Each episode will present a story centered on one of these three themes – (a) education and research, (b) spirituality and (c) engagement with our world. And naturally, most stories will have some intersectionality between categories.

We hope you’ll subscribe to the podcast so you can engage with these stories. You can find Andrews Speaks on iTunes and Stitcher. Google Play will be coming soon.















In this first episode, Becky St. Clair interviews Michael Nixon, who recently returned to the Andrews University campus. Together they discuss Michael’s mission and vision for the Andrews University family, which is one of the most ethnically diverse educational communities in the U.S. (Adventist Review).



Becky St Clair for making this podcast happen. It was her brainchild, and we’re sorry to have lost Becky to a sister school just as the dream comes alive. Without her leadership this would never have been anything more than a fun idea. So Becky, we miss you, but God lead you and your family forward!

The Howard Performing Arts Center on the campus of Andrews University for allowing us to record this episode in your green room, one of the few quiet corners on campus. And in advance, we thank WAUS 90.7FM for inviting us to record future episodes in your studio. WAUS broadcasts from the John and Dede Howard Studios on the campus of Andrews University. This collaboration will give us significantly improved audio quality for future conversations.

The Adventist Peace Fellowship for supporting this episode. To record the conversation with Becky and Michael, Jeff Boyd used APF equipment he had on hand for recording the Adventist Peace Radio podcast.


Theme Music: “Onward” by Podington Bear (Free Music Archive)
Interviewer: Becky St Clair
Sound Engineer: Jeff Boyd
Producer: Jeff Boyd
Executive Producer: Becky St Clair

Copyright: ©2017 Andrews University

   Jeff Boyd