Complete publications of E. G. White

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A great resource with all the writings of Ellen White in 3 beautiful, leather bound volumes.

VOLUME 1 Patriarchs and Prophets Prophets and Kings Desire of Ages Acts of the Apostles The Great Controversy Christ's Object Lessons Early Writings Mind Character and Personality Life Sketches Steps to Christ Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers Gospel Workers Evangelism Christian Service Scripture Index.

VOLUME 2 Testimonies for the Church vols. 1-9 Selected Messages vols. 1-3 Fundamentals of Christian Education, Education Counsels to Parents, Teachers and Students.

VOLUME 3 The Spirit of Prophecy vols. 1-4 The Adventist Home Child Guidance Welfare Ministry The Ministry of Healing Counsels on Health Medical Ministry Counsels on Diet and Food Temperance Messages to Young People Counsels on Stewardship Colporteur Ministry The Publishing Ministry Counsels to Writers and Editors Counsels on Sabbath School Work SDA Bible Commentary Supplement.

$100 for all three volumes.  Call Jan Sigvartsen 269-487-6511 if you are interested.


   Jan Age Sigvartsen