Looking for off-campus housing for undergrad

   Classifieds: For Rent - Apartments | Posted on December 28, 2017

Hi, I am looking for a place to live off campus with a qualified faculty/staff member (as per AU rules for undergraduates living off campus that are under 22 years old).

The dorm is very expensive, I am unable to use my meal plan due to health reasons that are not accomodated enough, and my major and other personal things are hindering my stay at the dorm being convenient for me.

If you or someone you know are/is a faculty or staff member of Andrews University and there is a room available for an undergraduate female under 22, please contact me with the details.

TL/DR; Request list:

  • Faculty/staff member
  • has room for rent
  • willing to take in undergrads (specifically female under 22)
  • animals must be allowed (ESA is not a pet as classified BY LAW, but my ESA is a dog)
  • ESA = Emotional Support Animal (he is with me for health reasons, as approved by a doctor, is small, well behaved, & does not bark, bite, or potty inside the house)

Thank you so much! Help is appreciated.


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   Danielle Grace Gonsalves