Sabbath Science Activity

   STEM | Posted on February 22, 2018

Did you know there is a Natural History Museum in the Science Complex? Or a rooftop greenhouse above the busy classrooms, labs and offices of Price Hall? Take advantage of this free opportunity to visit these places on the campus of Andrews University. Both are located in Price Hall. The museum is located on the first floor. At the center of the collection is the Prillwitz Mammoth, the most complete wooly mammoth skeleton unearthed in Michigan.  More specimens are waiting to be discovered in the drawers. (Please ask for assistance first.) The greenhouse is coming out of winter hibernation and features a Desert Room, Waterfall Room and Dry Tropics Room. Take the stairwell between Price and Haughey Hall to the top. Come see some of God's handiwork, past and present. Kids, come enjoy a "treasure hunt" as you find hidden creatures!

Sponsors: Biology Department
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