In Need Of 'Good Samaritan'

   Classifieds: For Sale - Miscellaneous | Posted on February 26, 2018
Hey! So I Am going to be attending summer school to start my MDiv to be a Teaching Pastor and I Am paying via student loans, but I was wondering if anyone out there would be kind enough, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, to host me until I Am able to move in to the Graduate Dorms in May. I would Love to come up now, find a job on or off campus, and could possibly pay you rent for April or help out financially to whatever amount can be afforded if you would give me March to land a job and start working. Once again, I Pray that there is someone in Berrien Springs that THE LIVING GOD has been generous enough to that could help me out now in this transitional situation and that has a couch or an extra room that they would be willing to host me with. About Me: 30. Going to Andrews to be a Pastor, so I Am sober and straight edge. I Am against drinking, partying, nightlife and GOD took that out of my Life a time ago! From North Carolina, Home Church: Mt. Pisgah Academy SDA Church, Carolina Conference. I Am ready to come to Berrien Springs early and get a job and meet people and start worshiping in a community. I Am already in Kalamazoo staying with Kalamazoo SDA Church members until I can find an opportunity to move to Berrien Springs. Thanks, -IN HIM, Adam 'ALL MORTALS AT THEIR BEST: MERE BREATH.' - PSALM 39:5

   Adam Woodard