Home for sale in Eastern Kentucky

   Classifieds: For Sale - Real Estate | Posted on November 27, 2018

Home for sale in Eastern Kentucky, near Manchester SDA hospital. See listing for details: http://www.central-ky-real-estate.com/search/farms-for-sale/kentucky/clay/a-place-to-call-home-in-eastern-kentucky-19ac-s-with-creek-/983024?fbclid=IwAR35xNNqDLUELrHfCuY6izFkt03F_ES2zM0vPBd3fapImE0DLhwCLwF0P5s

Four bedrooms, three baths, 2000+ square feet, custom built home. Beautiful views of country, many fruit trees, large vegetable garden. Room for goats, sheep, cattle, and/or horses. Free natural gas, en suite master bath. large closets, city water or well, private drive, plenty of firewood for the rock fireplace. Free gas from wells adjacent to the property. Close to two SDA churches with others in neighboring towns. Owned by a pastor, with many custom details.