Coming Soon, Encyclopedia of SDAs Online

   Andrews in the News | Posted on December 13, 2018

Recently my daughter researched the history of the Adventist Church for her public high school project. She saw the project as an excellent opportunity to share Adventist heritage with her class. I immediately suggested several books on Adventist history that we had in our home library. As a parent and teacher, I make every effort to share reliable and trustworthy information with my children and students, because trusted information significantly shapes people’s habits, worldview, and choices. How could I have forgotten that my daughter’s generation consults “Dr. Google” first?

My daughter was appalled by the amount of false and defamatory information she found online about the Adventist Church. Disheartened, she asked me to recommend authentic online resources on Adventist history. That day, I wished for a comprehensive and captivating publication like the new online "Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists."

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