Alumna Invention Benefits Advanced Lab

   Physics | Posted on April 26, 2019
In January, the physics department was very excited to have both a visit and eigen*talk from Danielle Wuchenich, a physics alumna who graduated in 2008. Since graduating, Danielle has earned a PhD in physics from The Australian National University, worked for Lockheed Martin, and co-founded a company called Liquid Instruments.
Danielle brought with her two Liquid Instruments Moku:Lab devices. The Moku:Lab uses field-programmable gate array technology to provide multiple instruments such as an oscilloscope, waveform generator, spectrum analyzer, digital filter box, etc. in a single device.  
Danielle left behind the two Moku:Lab devices for the Advanced Physics Lab to try out. The Advanced Lab students have very much enjoyed using the devices to measure the speed of light in a fiber optic cable and look at electromagnetic pulse reflections and standing waves in a long coaxial cable. The students have found the Moku:Lab companion iPad app easy and fun to use, making learning about how to use an oscilloscope very accessible.
In addition to improving laboratory education in the Physics Department, the Engineering Department has ordered several Moku:Lab devices to support laboratory experiments and demonstrations in their courses.

   Kelly Youngberg