New Title from Annetta Gibson

   Campus News | Posted on June 6, 2019

Annetta Gibson, professor emerita, has recently completed a new book titled “Honorable in Business: Business Ethics from a Christian Perspective.” Written with contributions from Daniel Augsburger, professor emeritus who passed away in 2004, this book combines a Christian worldview with business ethics to present Christians with a mental framework for approaching the world of business as an ethical Christian.

The book begins by laying the foundation for a Christian worldview with principles garnered from Genesis and the Ten Commandments. It then applies these principles to a number of business ethics topics including employee rights, discrimination, technology and privacy, insider trading and accounting fraud, and working internationally. The goal of the book is to help new and experienced employees in business consider how a Christian worldview foundationally impacts their ethical decision-making in their business careers.

Former dean of the School of Business (1995–2006) and the Hasso Endowed Chair for business ethics (2006–2013) at Andrews University, Gibson is the current assistant to the General Conference treasurer for treasurer training. She lives in Berrien Springs, Michigan, and has published other work in several journals including the Journal of Business Ethics and the Journal of Applied Christian Leadership.

Augsburger taught at Andrews University in modern languages, religion, and the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary from 1942–2003. His love of teaching and his students is honored by Andrews University’s annual teaching award being named the “Augsburger Excellence in Teaching Award.”

Ralph Trecartin, associate provost and dean of the School of Business Administration at Andrews University, states that this book is “really an outstanding accomplishment, since to my knowledge this is the only book of its kind.”

To learn more about the book or purchase it, visit the Wipf and Stock publishers website at The book can also be purchased at