Short Courses--Block 3.3

   Co-Curricular Education
   Tue, February 4, 2020 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
    Various Locations


Made to Thrive

Host: University Wellness
Location: Andreasen Center for Wellness
Lead Presenter: Dominique Gummelt
Coaches: Gretchen Krivak & Abby Vaughn
Description: “Made to Thrive” is a short course with the objective to empower and inspire University students to live their life to the fullest potential while at college. Key wellbeing topics will be covered to provide evidence-based knowledge and practical tools to transform one day at a time for a better quality of life and improved academic performance.
Please Note: Each student enrolling in this special short course will be asked to commit to the entirety of the course (Blocks 3 and 4), which will in turn provide: (1) full access to the online resources for this course and (2) a certificate of completion that can be added to the student’s professional portfolio.

Questions? Please contact

Jan. 14—“Your Limbo is Listening”

Jan. 21—“Motion Creates Emotion”

Feb. 04—“Blue and Green Should Often Be Seen”

Feb. 11—“Together Feels Better”

Feb. 18—“Feelings Follow Your Focus”

Religion Forum—Living as an Adventist in the World Today

Host: Department of Religion & Biblical Languages
Location: Buller Hall, Newbold Auditorium
Description: Join us for a variety of presentations focused on the intersection between Adventist faith and the contemporary world.

Jan. 14—“Life in the 21st Century as Christians: The Impact of Pornography”
Presenter: Bill Wells

Jan. 21—“A Faith for Today: Adventists and the Climate Crisis”
Presenter: Oystein LaBianca

Feb. 04—“Life in the 21st Century as Christians: The Importance of Being Trauma-Informed”
Presenter: Charity Garcia and Ingrid Slikkers

Feb. 11—“Life in the 21st Century as Christians: The Role and Relevance of the Black Church”
Presenter: Rodney Palmer

Feb. 18—Andrews Ministerial Association   
Presenter: AMA Officers

Student Success Presents

Host: Counseling & Testing Center
Location: Buller Hall, Room 208 (unless otherwise noted)

Jan. 14—“How to Use the Research Management Systems at the Library—Evaluating Websites for Academic Research”
Special Location: James White Library Media Lab
Presenter: Silas Oliveira, James White Library

Jan. 21—“Learning Assessments—How They Can Benefit You”
Presenter: Annabelle Lopez, University Center for Reading and Learning Assessment

Feb. 04—"Tutor Time—How Student Success Tutoring is Useful to Your Academic Success”
Presenter: Ana Bolanos, Student Success
Feb. 11—“The Advantages of Credit and the Problems It Can Cause—How to Use Loans and Credit Cards Wisely to Protect Your Credit Ratings"
Presenter: Karol Behrle, Honor Credit Union
Feb. 18—“Math Anxiety—If the thought of taking a math test terrifies you, come get some tips to manage your fears.
Presenter: Nadia Nosworthy, Department of Graduate Psychology and Counseling

International Conversation Partners

Host: Center for Intensive English Programs
Contact Person: Asta LaBianca; email:
Location: Nethery Hall, Room 200
Description: As an International Conversation Partner, you will meet with Andrews University international students to help them practice their English skills in an informal setting. Enjoying casual, interesting and enjoyable conversations with you allows students who are studying in the Center for Intensive English Programs (CIEP) to gain English listening and speaking fluency. This also gives you a chance to meet students from around the world, to learn more about their cultures, and to share life perspectives with each other. No special language teaching training or knowledge is required, just a desire to make a difference. Feel free to bring your lunch if you wish.

Jan. 14—Conversation Session 1

Jan. 21—Conversation Session 2

Feb. 04—Conversation Session 3

Feb. 11—Conversation Session 4

Feb. 18—Conversation Session 5

2020 Presidential Primaries

Presenters: History & Political Science; International Languages & Global Studies
Location: Buller Hall, Room 135
Host: Department of History & Political Science
Presenter: Marcella Myers

Jan. 14—“The Candidates”

Jan. 21—“The Money”

Feb. 04—“The Rules”

Feb. 11—“The Primaries—Or is it a Caucus?”

Feb. 18—”The Party Conventions”

Undergraduate Leadership Presents

Presenters: ULead Faculty
Location: Student Life and Leadership Lab, Campus Center
Host: Undergraduate Leadership Program

Jan. 14—“Job Hunting & Resume Writing”
Description: Learn how to find your summer job to your dream job. A workshop for resume writing will also be included to ensure you have all the right tools for success in entering the career field.

Jan. 21—“Acing the Interview”
Description: Learn all about how to prepare for an interview, from how to stylishly dress to answering the toughest questions.

Feb. 04—“Career Development”
Description: What do you do once you have your dream job? Does the journey end there? Learn about what it means to continue on the career path.

Feb. 11—“Entrepreneurship”
Description: Interested in entrepreneurship? We are too! Come discover if entrepreneurship is right for you!

Feb. 18—“Start with Why”
Description: Have a business idea, want to be a better leader, or want to grow your potential as an employee? Learn all about a revolutionary principle that could help ensure your success!

The Success Lab: Dissecting the Journey to Greatness

Presenter: Taurus Montgomery, character development coach, author of "Set on Fire"
Location: Buller Hall, Room 149
Host: Undergraduate Leadership Program
Description: These sessions will dissect the character, work ethic, and principles for wholistic success. Students will dissect their journey toward successfully changing the world using their knowledge and faith. Topics to be discussed include character, vision, purpose, clarity, distractions, focus, time management, goal setting, networking and more.

Jan. 14—“The Secret to Success”
Description: All students desire to be successful in life. But few students actually know how. In this session, Pastor Taurus Montgomery will teach you the #1 secret to success. Once understood, you will be able to apply this secret to any area of your life—academics, relationships, finances, health —and experience amazing results! And this secret is not what you think it is. Come find out at The Success Lab!

Jan. 21—“TBA”
Description: TBA

Feb. 04—“TBA”
Description: TBA

Feb. 11—“TBA”
Description: TBA

Feb. 18—“TBA”
Description: TBA

Black History Month Series

Coming in February! Sessions will be announced for February 4, 11 and 18.

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