Deans List Released for Summer 2019

   Campus News | Posted on September 5, 2019

Andrews University has announced the undergraduate deans list for summer semester 2019. The students listed have maintained a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher while having at least 12 credits, no incompletes and no grade below a B. There are 21 students in total on the list.

Ajasa, Oluwabukola
Avellona, Yvan M.
Caballero, Zoey K.
Davis, Haley N.
De Wind, Emily I.
Doristil, Rechanka
Fabiyi, Opeyemi O.
Ghanem, Farah
Gutierrez, Nikila M.
Hansen, Eunice I.
Howell, Mackada
Johnson, Jo Ann L.
La Maison, Anneilya
Li, Aihuan
Lipari, Michael
Marsh, Jared S.
Miller, Neisha N.
Moore, Brianna K.
Quispe, Gluder H.
Scarlett Fisher, Toshalee A.
Sinuhaji, Lady C.