COVID-19 Update: Residence Hall Students

| Posted on March 13, 2020

Dear Friends,

We have been sharing a great deal of information over the last few days as Andrews University prepares to switch to distance/online education.

One question we want to carefully answer is how this decision impacts the lives of our students who have been living in our Andrews University residence halls this year.

With this change, we are encouraging those students to return to their permanent place of residence by the conclusion of our spring break on Sunday, March 22. 

However, there are some students in residence halls who will need to remain on campus this semester. This will include many of our international students, but also other students who may have clinical or lab requirements.

I invite you to review the complete details below, which outline the appropriate steps our students in residence halls will need to take as Andrews University, and each one of us, responds to the spread of the COVID-19 disease in our world.

I especially want you to know that I am praying for each one of you right now, and Andrews University and I also deeply cherish your prayers for God’s strength and guidance as we move into these challenging weeks ahead. 

With care,

Frances Faehner
Vice President for Campus & Student Life



What should students do who currently reside in the residence halls?

  • As the University switches to distance delivery of its courses for the remainder of this semester, students are encouraged, where possible, to return to their place of permanent residence. Students in Lamson, Meier and University Towers will need to leave their residence by the end of spring break, March 22, unless they receive prior permission to remain longer. This permission to remain would likely be offered to international students and to those students who need to remain in the local area to fulfill clinical or lab requirements.

Specifically, who will qualify for an exception that will allow the student to remain in the residence halls?

  • The following students may be eligible for the housing exception to remain in the residence halls:

    • An international student without the ability to return home;

    • A student with an academic program that requires his/her’s physical presence on campus to complete the academic requirements;

    • A student who is financially independent and doesn’t have the ability to return to the home of his/her parents/guardians’ home OR

    • A student employed in an essential position as a student employee on campus

How do you apply for an exception to remain in your residence hall room?

  • Students should pick up and complete the “Permission to Remain in the Residence Hall'' application from the Student Life office. The completed application should be returned to the Student Life office no later than Friday, March 20, at noon EST. Students will be contacted by the director of Residence Life, Dean Jennifer Burrill, regarding whether their application has been approved. Students should allow two business days upon receipt of the application for a determination.

If I remain in my room, what should I do to prevent the risk of illness?

  • It is the personal responsibility of each student to take the necessary steps, as advised by the CDC, to prevent illness. 

Are students living in University apartments allowed to remain in their apartment?

  • Yes, University apartment residents are allowed to remain in their apartments and are advised to follow the CDC guidelines for preventing illness.

Will I need to remove all of my personal belongings from my room when I move out?

  • Yes, residence hall residents will need to remove all personal belongings from their rooms by March 22, 2020. Rent will be prorated upon the resident’s official check-out, so the sooner the resident removes his/her belongings and completes the checkout process, the greater the refund to the resident’s student account.

Is there a storage facility available for students?

  • There is not a storage facility on campus currently available to our students. 

  • Below are a list of storage facilities in the nearby area. Please note that these storage facilities are not being endorsed by Andrews University.

    • U-Haul, 3410 Western Ave, South Bend, IN 46619 (574-282-2801)

      • 8x8 units – Free for the first 30 days/after 30 days $114.95/month

    • U-Haul, 1529 M 139 Hwy, Benton Harbor, MI 49022 (269-927-4494)

      • 10x10 units – Free for the first 30 days/after 30 days $104.95/month

      • 10x20 units – Free for the first 30 days/after 30 days, call for monthly rate

    • Bintris, 8677 Red Arrow Hwy Bridgman, MI 49106 (269-429-6007 ext 1)

      • 5x10 units – Free for the first 30 days/after 30 days $68.00/month

      • 10x10 units – Free for the first 30 days/after 30 days $98.00/month

      • 10x15 units – Free for the first 30 days/after 30 days  $113.00/month

If I plan to travel to other destinations other than home for spring break, can I return to collect my belongings from the residence halls?

  • Yes, students may return to campus to collect their belongings from the residence halls after their spring break travels. However, the University maintains the right to restrict access to the campus based on the student’s travels to areas of concern as noted by the CDC and/or the health of the student. 

 If I can’t take my car with me, what should I do?

  • Students should contact Campus Safety to make arrangements to leave their cars in the residence hall parking lots.

Will I get a housing refund?

  • Yes, there will be a daily pro-rated refund that will be credited to the student account for those who move out before the end of the semester. The amount of the refund will depend upon the date of official check-out. 

Will I be charged single housing if my roommate leaves but I have permission to stay?

  • No, a student who qualifies for the housing exemption to remain in the residence halls will not be charged for single housing if his/her roommate leaves.  However, students who remain may be asked to move to a specific area of each residence hall for the remainder of the semester.