Andrews Physical Therapy Clinic Provides E-Visits

   Campus News | Posted on March 26, 2020

Stay home, stay safe and get physical therapy. The School of Rehabilitation Sciences at Andrews University recently opened a physical therapy clinic in the Physical Therapy building on the campus of Andrews University. After the “Stay Home, Stay Safe.” Executive Order, the clinic is no longer providing in-person visits but has quickly responded to the needs of the community by providing e-visits. 

E-visits are a form of telehealth where physical therapists use electronic communication to provide physical therapy services from a distance. The clinic will be using Andrews University’s Zoom Pro secure video calls for the e-visits. There are several special considerations if you are interested in scheduling an e-visit:

  • You need access to a computer, smartphone, tablet or other electronic device.
  • You, or someone you are with, need to know how to participate in a video call.
  • You need a space where you can sit, stand or lie down during the session—a yoga mat on the floor or firm bed works well.
  • You need to place your electronic device free-standing, somewhere your therapist can still see you, so that you can be hands-free during the session.

The clinic is foremost a teaching facility that is designed to give student physical therapists an opportunity to gain clinical experience. The second goal of the clinic is to assist in meeting the healthcare needs of the local community by providing greater access to affordable physical therapy services.

Like the in-person visits, which are $80 for an evaluation and $35 for a follow-up visit, e-visits will be offered at a reduced rate—$40 for the initial encounter and $20 for a follow-up. E-visits will be provided at flexible hours Sunday–Friday based on your needs and the availability of the student physical therapist.

You will pay for your sessions out-of-pocket. The clinic does not take insurance. If you have insurance you may be able to submit expenses to your insurance yourself and get reimbursed. On the clinic website there are several tips on how to do this:

E-visits can be an effective treatment for all sorts of physical therapy needs from treatment for a medical condition to fitness promotion and injury prevention. Prior to scheduling your e-visit you will schedule a free discovery call. This is a video call, just like the e-visit, where you will talk with the therapist about your needs in order to decide if e-visits are right for you.

The clinic is a direct access facility, so you can schedule an appointment whenever you are ready. You do not need a script or order from a medical doctor. To schedule a free discovery call now, go to To learn more about the clinic and e-visits, go to the clinic website at or reach out to the clinic director Jillian Zolligner PT, DPT at