2008 Grand Cherokee Limited For Sale

   Classifieds: For Sale - Vehicles | Posted on October 6, 2020

I love my Jeep, but I have to sell it before I leave the United States. I bought it from Chicago in May 2017 when it was 80500 miles with brand new all-season tires. Now it turns to 113000. During the past 3 more years, I drove the Jeep almost every day. And I drove it to NY, NC, and even Canada. It works in an excellent condition. No dent, no rust underbeneath, no accident. Limited edition, V8 engine, All-wheel Drive. And I always use Royal Purple Engine Oil for the maintenance, as the previous owner did. I checked the evaluation of Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited in 113000 in Kelley Blue Book, and it was 7800 in average.

I ask for $7500 OBO. 

Because I'm busy preparing to leave, so, don't contact me unless you're really interested in it. Appreciate that.

Email: saixi@andrews.edu

   Chris Lu