Charter a Truck

   Classifieds: Personal Services | Posted on October 14, 2020

Need some firewood hauled? Need to move something bought or sold on marketplace/craigslist? Moving within the county? Need supplies for a project picked up? Well you found the right spot.

Loading/Unloading rate


Mileage rate


With trailer an additional $0.10/mile

Cargo Capacity

Truck Bed: 2000 lbs/100 cubic ft (estimated)

Trailer: 1650 lbs/ 120 cubic ft (estimated)

Tow capacity: 3500 lbs.

  1. Estimate the amount of time needed to complete the job. (Include travel time and unloading/loading)
  2. Book a slot in the provided google calendar, by inviting me to an event. (Make sure your name is in the event)
  3. Call to provide/confirm details. (Leave a message (or text) with your name, email, billing address, address of pickup, unloading address, and time and date of job.) 2692404482
  4. We’ll show up and get it done. Will collect payment after loading, so have it ready. (Cash, PayPal, only.)

   Sean Strack