35 Years of Service: Frances Faehner

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

For the past 35 years, Frances Mae Faehner has been a powerful presence on the campus of Andrews University. Her career at Andrews University started in 1985 as the dean of women in Lamson Hall—and the affectionate name, Dean Faehner, continues to this day. In the early days of her career, Frances was a motherly presence to all of the “Lamson ladies.” Their “Dean Faehner” was a confidant, a shoulder to cry on, a mentor to give hope to their dreams, and, as a parent remarked many years ago, “Frances is Christ personified for our female residents at Lamson Hall.”

Years later, Frances transitioned from being the dean of our female students to being the vice president of all students. Now, our young men—the men of Meier Hall and University Towers—are also touched by Frances’ motherly affection. The transformative impact of an Andrews University education is not limited to the classroom experience. Student learning is a University process and learning continues in the residence halls and during co-curricular activities. And in those settings, Frances Faehner is a master teacher.

Frances’ colleagues and direct reports speak to her deep compassion, Christlike care, and unwavering support. They commented that Frances remembers their children’s major milestones; she remembers the details of her employee’s lives; she goes out of her way to make sure their small moments are celebrated, and the major moments are honored. Nothing is too small for her to notice or too large for her to wrap her heart around. She is the consummate servant leader!

Frances, for your significant contributions to Andrews University, your transformative work in the lives of all students, and for your 35 years of dedicated service, the University administration, faculty and staff celebrate this accomplishment with you. Thank you!