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   Campus Announcements | Posted on March 16, 2021

World Changers Week highlights Andrews University alumni and students whose experiences bring continued growth and whose work makes a positive impact on their world. From March 15–19, visit andrews.edu each day for a new alumni feature, and join the Center for Faith Engagement each evening:

  • Monday–Thursday, 8 p.m., PMC Youth Chapel
  • Friday, 7:30 p.m., PMC Sanctuary

Chapel credit is available for in-person attendance. A livestream can be viewed on the Andrews University YouTube channel. Find the full schedule of events on the UniversityFaith app.

Erin Johnson

When did you attend Andrews and what did you study? How were you involved on campus?
I attended Andrews from 2008–2013. I studied English and secondary education with a minor in history. The most involved I was on campus was my two years as an RA in Lamson Hall.

Describe your current work.
I am currently working as a teacher at Campion Academy in Loveland, Colorado. I was the assistant girl’s dean and American Literature teacher for seven years. This is my first year working out of the dorm and teaching full-time. I teach sophomore English, American Literature, World Geography and Drama. I am also the head Student Association sponsor.

Why are you doing what you are doing? How are you influencing your community?
I feel a calling to help teens find the importance of reading and writing for themselves. Teenagers are becoming more and more self-centered every year, and I believe reading and being aware of other people in the world can help them to make choices that benefit people outside of themselves. They need to see how others live, especially those who lead different lives than what they are used to. Most importantly it helps them to grow and be more self-aware.

I hope I am influencing my community by helping its future occupants be more aware of the needs of their communities and to use their own passions and skills to make positive changes.

How did your Andrews experience impact your calling or your work?
When I went to Andrews the last thing I wanted to be was a teacher, until my sophomore year when I took Young Adult Literature from Dr. Doug Jones. That class made me see that teaching is using my passion for reading and for being creative. After that semester I signed up with the School of Education and started on the road to being a teacher. My Andrews experience also helped me to trust in God. I work with teens who are lost and confused, but if I can show them that God has not left my side and that His plans for me are still in the works, then they will see that He will never leave them and that He also has a plan for them. And, of course, living among such a diverse group of students has helped me to better relate to others who are different from me.

What advice would you have for Andrews students as they prepare for life after university?
Just like me with my red pen when I grade papers, God will be making corrections with whatever plans you have for yourself—so be flexible with your plans. Lastly, do not compare yourselves too much with those who have worked in the field longer than you. I made that mistake so many times with my coworkers who have been teaching much longer than I have. Use those veterans as your mentors and ask questions. Never stop asking questions and getting feedback.   


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