Deaths of Elder Henry Fordham III & Sharon Fordham

   Life Stories | Posted on July 21, 2021

Andrews University joins with the Allegheny East Conference, Adventist Regional Ministries and the Seventh-day Adventist Church, along with family members and countless friends, in mourning the tragic deaths of Elder Henry J. Fordham III, president of the Allegheny East Conference, and his wife, Sharon Fordham, in a house fire early this week.

Elder Fordham, who holds degrees from Oakwood University and Ohio State University, had served as president of Allegheny East Conference since 2012, with active involvement and support in his life of ministry from his First Lady, Sharon. During his nearly 50 years of service to the Allegheny East Conference, Elder Fordham served as a teacher at Pine Forge Academy, as well as pastor, departmental leader and eventually administrator.

Andrews University and Griggs University are blessed to have had the privilege to collaborate with Fordham on various educational projects with  the Allegheny East Conference and also Washington Adventist University, where Elder Fordham was a longtime board member.

Our active and fervent prayers also mingle with those of the Allegheny East Conference family, as well as the Fordhams’ global network of brothers and sisters throughout our Adventist Church family, as we all mourn and attempt to process this unimaginable loss of life. That family includes employees and students across our own campus who are heartbroken by this news, and thankful for the example and influence that the Fordhams offered to their own lives.

Elder and Mrs. Fordham are survived by three sons: Henry J. Fordham IV (“Joey”), Donovan Fordham and Shawn Lamar Fordham (their daughter, Danielle Fordham-Brown, preceded them in death), and by ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

The Allegheny East Conference website and Facebook page have additional updates, including funeral and memorial service details when available, and also share further tributes to the life of service to God by Henry and Sharon Fordham.