Students: COVID-19 Self-Screen Required for Fall

   Campus Announcements | Posted on August 9, 2021

August 9, 2021

Dear students,

I know that each of you is making the right and necessary arrangements in preparation to join us here on campus as our new school year is about to begin. As you get ready, I’d like to provide some key updates related to the fall 2021 return to campus and our ongoing commitment to the health and safety of our campus community amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of rising cases related to the COVID-19 Delta variant, all main campus students are required to complete and submit a mandatory COVID-19 Self-Screen form online prior to moving into on-campus housing or attending their first face-to-face class or campus activity and no later than Monday, Aug. 23.

The self-screening process will require you to submit the following documentation:

  1. Proof of being fully vaccinated (i.e. copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card); OR
  2. Proof of acquired immunity by previously testing positive for COVID-19 (i.e. copy of your prior positive test result or a positive antibody test); OR
  3. For those who are unvaccinated and do not have acquired immunity from a previous COVID-19 infection ONLY: You must complete a COVID-19 (both rapid and PCR tests are acceptable) test within five days before your arrival on campus and have negative results. If your test results are positive, do not come to campus until you have completed the required isolation period.

Please note that the information on your vaccination status submitted through this form will remain confidential. However, your teachers will have information on who has, or has not, completed this online screening step, which is required before students can attend classes.

Andrews University expects those who are fully vaccinated, or who have acquired immunity from a previous COVID-19 infection, to begin submitting their documentation online now.

After you complete the online self-screening form and upload the appropriate documentation, our COVID-19 response team will take about five business days to review and confirm your information. If we discover any concerns, we will contact you directly by email. Students who do not complete and submit the COVID-19 Self-Screen online will be designated in iVue as “Not Clear” to access any part of the campus. The “Not Clear” hold can be lifted once your completed form is submitted and approved.

As we begin the 2021–2022 school year, our highest priority at Andrews University is to offer a fully in-person, on-campus academic and student experience this fall. As always with that goal, your safety and the safety of all students, faculty, staff and guests will continue to be an important guiding factor for our University.

With that in mind, we look forward with eager anticipation to welcoming you back, or for the very first time, to Andrews University. Our prayers accompany you on this journey until with gratitude we are together on our main campus.

With care,

Frances Faehner
Vice President for Campus & Student Life